Christmas tree Ornament

Christmas tree Ornament

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Hand woven Christmas Tree made from natural dried pandanus leaf. Pandanus plant is picked from pandanus tree and dried or boiled in preparation. The dried leaves are then prepared into a pandanus wheel that is then used to weave the handicraft.

Handmade by Rural Women in Vanuatu

From Malampa Handicraft Centre

Using Pandanus



Artisans from the Malampa Handicraft Centre use the traditional skill of weaving to create new designs for Christmas Ornaments made from natural fibre and biodegradable.

The aim of the Malampa Handicraft Centre is to unite women, men and children, including people with disability from Malampa Province. The business was founded as a social enterprise to benefit the economic empowerment of women.

These handicrafts were brought to Australia via Engage All supporting Ethical, Sustainable, & Handmade  in partnership with Pure Pod Fashion.

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