We have a vision for a fashion industry that holds planet, people and passion at its core.  We’re creating a cleaner fashion industry, we’re protecting the people working in it and using our passion for design to create beautiful products that have a strong identity and story behind them.  Our journey with Pure Pod began in 2007 when ethical fashion was still in its infancy. With each capsule collection we’ve grown our knowledge and our client base of women who care about what they wear, how it is made and who is making it.  In 2017 we celebrate 10 years of Pure Pod and we want you by our side. Share our journey, meet fabulous new collaborators and learn how to be a conscious consumer and sustainable stylist.
Our hallmarks
    To celebrate Australian fashion design with beautiful and versatile women’s collections
      Ethically made locally with our wonderful local makers and internationally, made with Certified Fairtrade  GOTS & FLO Certified
        Made with premium sustainable textiles including organic cottons, organic denims, hemps, silks, bamboos, merino wool, soya bean textiles, naturally dyed and hand printed.
          Striving to have transparent and traceable manufacturing and sourcing practices
            Continue to be pioneers in our creative pursuits and encourage the next generation of designers to do the same
              Encourage and enlighten our wonderful customers to choose well | choose less | respect our planet
                Our future goals
                We want to educate and encourage all of our customers, stockists and the industries future creative designers to really think about the source of their purchases and who has made them, what impact they have had and how they can improve their consumer choices for a cleaner and healthier planet.
                As pioneers in this industry we are excited to be a part of this strong growing global movement for the improvement for all concerned in our industry from our people | planet & to ignite our creative passions.