The people behind the brand

Kelli Donovan
CEO / Creative Director / Founder / Ethical Clothing Activist / Yoga & Pilates Instructor
Kelli started her journey as a designer at the ripe old age of 6 years, making creations for her dolls using scraps of fabric from her mothers sewing cabinet and her Holly Hobbie sewing machine.
Raised in a creative family - a film maker father, painter and sewing mother and a tailor grandmother - she has been inspired to create textile art, drawings, paintings and clothing her whole life. 
Her other passion was the environment born from playing in the garden, exploring the natural areas of her neighbourhood and many family camping trips. Her love of the Australian bush is where her heart sang and was a creative force behind her life’s mission to help our natural world.
Kelli studied at the CIT Fashion Technology School in Canberra, Australia in 1988-89. When completed she three her life belongings into a backpack and headed to Melbourne to train in the fashion industry. From 1990 to 2005, she worked as a designer for several large companies designing children's clothing, menswear, licensed product and freelance fashion computer art. Fast-paced industry deadlines took their toll which led Kelli to learn yoga inspiring her to combine her love of fashion with her passion for health and wellbeing.
The idea for Pure Pod came to fruition on an organic macadamia farm in the lush sub tropical hills of Byron Bay, with Sean, their friendly dog Stan and fat cat Oski.

Tracy Lee Accredited Photographer
Award winning Australian photographer, specialising in wedding, family portraiture & short film
I am described by my partner as a bit nutty, fun and caring. If my dog could speak, he’d say the same for sure!
I love my camera, I love my family and friends and I love to create awesome images that move people.
I teach, adore my crazy dog & cat, will drive an extra mile for a good chai, am sweet on my partner Mikey, love to dress up and dance, can play a whole four chords on my guitar, and have an obsession with the colour green.
I am drawn to people with interesting stories to tell.
1. involvement with Pure Pod and what you love about it?
I met Kelli many years ago when I saw her speak at a Canberra networking event for women in business. I was really inspired by her drive and passion for producing her sustainable fashion clothing line. Hearing her speak was a real education on the world of fashion and it's impact on people and the environment. Since that time, I have taken her family photos and collaborated on commercial projects for Pure Pod. I also own some gorgeous Pure Pod clothing!
2. Creative dreams - what you would love to do if money and time wasn't an issue ?
Pursue personal photography projects including travelling around the world with my camera with like minded buddies. Write children’s books and develop teaching resources to support creative learning experiences in early childhood classroom. Be a secret super hero and help people who really need it.
3. Your favorite things….My little family that includes a really old dog called George and a jerk cat called Tommen. My camera, anything the colour green,  really good coffee or chai, my weekly yoga session and quiet forest spaces.

Jeanette Donovan
Chief swing ticket tier / Passionate believer / clothes fanatic / super Nannie
What can we say, we just can't live without our Mums, no matter how old we are! Thanks Mum for all your support, care and encouragement!