Winter Wanderings

Winter Wanderings Collection is based on 'slow fashioned ethics' and it is a part of our 'Waste Not Want Not' project.

This collection has been designed to use as much existing textiles and trims as possible. We have only purchased a few new textiles for this small collection. Many pieces are in small runs but beautifully tailored and slowly produced with ounces of love. 

Our textiles are from 'dead stock' fabrics and trims, meaning.... fabrics and trims that would have gone to landfill or forever sit in the back of someones studio or shop and never be used. Natural resources have been used to make these supplies and they should not go to waste, so we have chosen to design this small unique collection.

Many of the fabrics used are breath taking vintage finds, gifted from lovers of textiles, found in the back of a creatives lair or old unused trims stacked up high on an old dusty shelf some where.

As the thought of a product having a 'circular economy' grows in our fashion industry, we are excited by this ideal. It  means we must think even deeper about the clothing we produce, from it's beginning to it's end. This concept has always been a part of our philosophy but it now has a label which is understood by the industry. This is becoming more important to our Pure Pod team with over 150 billion pieces of clothing being made every year. We struggle in our heads to constantly make new things and add to this over consumption. By using textiles and trims already produced and discarded we are taking a much slower direction in producing stunning capsule collection for you to enjoy for many years to come.

We encourage you to wear these with pride and once you have completed your cycle of wear, please pass this on to another person to treasure again. Please tell the story down the line of this product to each wearer.