Hand loomed wrap skirt
Hand loomed wrap skirt
Hand loomed wrap skirt
Hand loomed wrap skirt
Hand loomed wrap skirt

Hand loomed wrap skirt

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The yarn dyed and imbued with #Ayurveda medicinal plants and herbs the artisans collect from the local forest. The dye is a live & will change colour over time. 

Wrap skirt with waist ties and pockets.

Sizes - Small - 8 -10, Medium - 12-14, Large - 16

Garment is made in Australia 

Some sizes are made to order but will be at the full price. 

Here is info direct from the textile suppliers  - 
https://www.sustainabletextiles.club/ayurvastra-handloom-societyHand loomed wrap skirt made in Ayurvastra hand loom GOTS organic cotton fabric.
This special fabric is from Kerala, and dates back over 5,000 years using the Ayurveda healing methods. 

It is 100% Organic Cotton that is handloomed and hand dyeing using pure plant-based dyes with up to 108 Ayurveda medicinal plants. 

The dye baths infuse the fabric fibres with the beautiful natural colours of the plants and their healing properties.  When worn or slept in, the fabrics are known to delivery the medical benefits of the herbs into the skin.



1. Yellow /pink fabric colour. 
The yarn is dyed with Ayurvedic plants/herbs including 12 types of Turmeric (yellow), red sandalwood /neem (pink) and 82 types of others medicine plant. Benefits: For making aroma, immune booster, mental depression good sleep, eases pain.

  • Handwoven from 100% organic cotton yarn

  • Washable

  • No Synthetics, Chemicals

  • Hypoallergenic / Non allergenic

  • Biodegradable

  • Washes/sustain with benefits. approx 100


 1 .Hand wash (preferred) in cold water using a mild, eco-friendly (natural) detergent soap and no bleach

  2. Machine wash up to 35 to 60 degree (cold water) using a mild, eco-friendly (natural) detergent soap and no bleach 

Wash separately, hand/line dry in the shade, can use a medium iron

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