Hemp scrunchie - Blush
Hemp scrunchie - Blush
Hemp scrunchie - Blush

Hemp scrunchie - Blush

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Beautiful sustainable scrunchies that your hair and the environment will love.

Made from hemp fabric which is one of the most sustainable fabrics to use. It is a highly renewable source of material that grow so fast it can be harvested three times a year. Compared to cotton, it requires half the amount of water to be processed and yields over twice the amount of cotton. Hemp is also able to absorb and trap high amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere.

Now, why should you be using scrunchies instead of elastic ties in your hair?

  • Scrunchies can grab three times the amount of hair but have less tension than a normal hair tie meaning less damage.
  • You can accessorise with your outfit!
  • They are cute, they are funky and they can show off a bit of your personality.
  • You are less likely to lose them (Hair ties and pens go to a secret location that we as humans are yet to figure out)
  • They can be worn with almost any hair style: Mum bun, Braid, Pony tail, Half up and half down – What is not to love?


  • Made from 100% Linen Hemp
  • Perfect for medium to long, thick hair
  • Will wrap around hair twice depending on the style
  • Medium to large size scrunchie
  • The fabric is stiff to start and will soften with use.
  • Soft and gentle on the hair
  • Handmade
  • We recommend cold wash only.

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