The #whomademyclothes Campaign & Pure Pod events to attend during Fashion Revolution Week 2018


The 2013 Rana Plaza Building collapse in Dhaka, Bangladesh, where 1138 garment workers (or possibly more) lost their lives and a further 2500 were injured, was the deadliest garment factory event in history and one of the world’s worst industrial disasters.  Five garment factories were involved, all manufacturing clothing for some of the world’s largest brands.

The world was outraged by the effects of the Rana Plaza disaster and the event revealed the true working conditions garment workers face and the environmental impacts of producing fast fashion clothing, even for garments such as a simple plain t-shirt. Clothes have a long life cycle and are passed through the hands of several cotton farmers, spinners, weavers, dyers and sewers, before ending up in our wardrobes.  It is said that approximately 75 million people are involved in making our clothes, and the majority of these people live in poverty and are subject to exploitation, verbal and physical abuse, unsafe and dirty working conditions, and are earning the lowest wages in the world.

The fashion industry also has profound effects on the earth’s ecosystem. These effects are associated with processes such as extracting resources for materials and the manufacturing, washing and disposing of clothes and by products.  It is said that clothing accounts for around 3% of global production of CO² emissions.  Several chemicals are used to grow, dye, launder and treat our clothes resulting in the pollution of waterways.

The response to the Rana Plaza Building collapse and growing awareness around human rights and the environmental costs of producing clothing, sparked a global movement demanding a fairer, safer, cleaner and a more transparent fashion industry. 

Fashion Revolution, an ethical initiative started shortly after the Rana Plaza disaster, is at the forefront of this movement.  It aims to bring together like-minded individuals seeking systemic reform of the fashion supply chain and encourages consumers to ask themselves “who made my clothes?”. 

Fashion Revolution shows those who are on a journey to create a more ethical and sustainable future for fashion.  The #whomademyclothes campaign is being held during Fashion Revolution Week this year, between the 23rd-29th April 2018, not be coincidence the 5th anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse.  During this week, brands and producers are encouraged to respond with the hashtag #imadeyourclothes and to demonstrate transparency in their supply chain.




Kelli Donovan, founder of Pure Pod, is the Fashion Revolution coordinator for the ACT area and is hosting and taking part in several Fashion Revolution events around Canberra, Australia.  As a pioneering Australian business in the ethical fashion industry, Pure Pod has been involved with several fashion industry events, trade shows and runways all over the world.  Kelli has also been a leader of social and environmental change and is passionate about creating garments with a strong identity and ethical story.  Below are a series of Pure Pod events that are happening for Fashion Revolution 2018, throughout April, May, June and July connecting like-minded conscious individuals with ethical designers and artists. 


Fashion Revolution Celebration

Meet the designers and artists behind local sustainable brands in the newly renovated CARDIF Collective studio and boutique.  CARDIF Collective is mix of designer boutique, working studios, collaborative spaces and workshop areas that support local and independent artists, small businesses and makers.  During this Fashion Revolution Celebration, you can connect with the CARDIF Collective and Pure Pod team, as well as several designers, for a night of drinks, nibbles and ethical fashion networking. Limited tickets so get in quick!

When: 2pm – 5pm, Sunday 22nd April 2018
Where: Cusack Centre, 27 Eyre Street, KINGSTON ACT
Tickets: Pay at the door - RSVP to the event on Facebook 


A Change of Clothes

Join Barbara Wheeler from Every Thread Counts for an immersive exhibition night on slow, handcrafted and upcycled fashion in Canberra’s new “eco suburb”, Ginninderry.  Barbara started Every Thread Counts in 2016 to spread the word about the detrimental impacts of fast fashion.  During this Autumn and Winter, several A Change of Clothes events will inform, entertain and share skills with a focus on how to dress for good in 2018.

When: Wednesday, 23rd May 2018
Where: Link Gallery, Stockdill Drive Holt, GINNINDERRY ACT
More Details:
Tickets:  Contact Barbara Wheeler on 0450 960 290


Jindii Eco Spa Guest Speaking

Join Jindii Eco Spa at the Canberra Botanic Gardens for an afternoon of eco fashion, where Kelli will be guest speaking  about, ‘Creative Eco Fashion – Transforming your wardrobe and the Fashion Industry’.  She will be discussing Pure Pod and its vision to positively transform the fashion industry; the challenges with building a creative business brand; fulling your passion in life; and how to create a conscious wardrobe. A light afternoon tea will also be served.
When: 1.30pm – 3.00pm, Sunday 20th May 2018  
Where: Jindii Eco Spa, Clunies Ross Road, CANBERRA ACT
More Details:


Clothing Revival & Repair with Jane Milburn

Jane Milburn, the name behind the platform Textile Beat and author of Slow Clothing, will be holding an upcycling and slow fashion workshop.  Pure Pod invites you to drop in to meet the growing community of repair enthusiasts and bring along a few cherished items of clothing that are in need of some love and receive hands-on advice from Jane to bring your garment back to life.
Two events in Canberra with Jane Milburn:
What: A presentation to students and the public about 'Slow Clothing as lived practice'  by Jane Milburn
When: Friday, 15th June 2018
Where: Cardif Collective – 27 Eyre Street Kingston
More Details: Information to come soon – watch out for this on the Cardif Collective Facebook page and website.
Tickets: Please email us at

If your part of a group, school or just interested in coming along to this event please let us know. Limited seating is available.

What: Jane Milburn Clothing Revival + Repair
When: Saturday, 16th June 2018
More Details:
Tickets: Contact Barbara Wheeler on 0450 960 290


Fashion Revoultion X Pure Pod Dinner

Join Pure Pod for a round table open discussion about the fashion industry, the enormous issues with manufacturing and textile pollution, over supply of fast fashion and how it effects our local industry. 

We will have a few interesting speakers to ignite your ideas and create an informative meaningful discussion. TBA

Get to know local artists, ethical designers, slow fashionistas, sustainable business owners and the change makers of the Canberra community.  Bond over all things sustainable fashion, capsule wardrobes, green living and organic clothing while eating a delicious locally sourced meal.
When: Saturday, 16th June 2018
Where: Cusack Centre, 27 Eyre Street, KINGSTON ACT
More Details: More details to coming soon!
Tickets: Contact Kelli Donovan on



'Loved Clothes Last' The Fashion Revolution Fanzine #2 will also be sold at the events listed above or alternatively, you can also jump online and order one for yourself here.  You can find out how to get involved with Fashion Revolution on their website and find other Fashion Revolution events happening around Australia here.  Watch out for more information and Pure Pod events on our blog, Facebook Page  and Instagram.

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