Pure Pod, Interview with Kelli Donovan - BY DINAH BRYANT - SICOMMS

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Listen to Kelli Donovan, ethical fashion designer and owner of the label Pure Pod talk about her new initiative, Scrubs with Love. While Kelli’s design is generally centred around eco-friendly women’s fashion, the current Coronavirus crisis has opened an opportunity for her to create medical scrubs for our frontline health workers.

With an increased need for medical scrubs across the health and medical sector demand is high and supplies are running low. Kelli has launched “Scrubs with Love” and is working with local makers to sew the garments and get them to those who need them most.

Canberrans can also help with this cause. If you would like to donate to “Scrubs with Love” it will help pay for a set of scrubs for some who may not be able to purchase them, for example medical students who are now assisting on the frontline. You can find out more by listening here.


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