Powered by Passion: Kelli Donovan, Pure Pod - interviewed by Nina Gbor


Written and interviewed by Nina Gbor for the Riot Act

“If you can’t see it, you can’t be it” goes the mantra: we all need role models and inspiration, and sometimes the most powerful icons are right there in our own backyards.

Powered by Passion is a new Region Media series by Nina Gbor that takes us inside the lives and motivations of some remarkable Canberra women.

The focus is on sustainable fashion this week, as Nina speaks to Kelli Donovan, ethical fashion designer and talent behind Pure Pod – a 100 per cent organic, fair trade, local clothing label. Kelli is passionate about raising awareness of the harmful environmental and social impact of the fast fashion industry, increasing choices for consumers and making sustainable fashion more economical. In this interview, she shares her motivation behind her latest collection – Native Pollen– and turns the idea that sustainable fashion is more expensive than fast fashion on its head.




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