Nourishing the soul with Kelly Wolf

A moment with Kelly Wolf 

I had heard about Kelly and her amazing women's yoga classes through mutual friends. As a yoga teacher myself, I wanted to know more about her and her positive transforming power over these women. They just looked and sounded so different after her classes. I felt like moth to a flame for me. 

The eyes are door way to the soul. They tell you a lot about what is going on inside a person. Kelly's eyes are clear, honest and sound. I could can see and feel the work she has done on her own mind, body and spirit through her life passion. 

Be inspired learn more about Kelly and her unique soul purpose to embrace women.

Who is this sensual inspiring woman?

My name is Kelly Wolf, I am the founder of Sacred Union Embodiment, a Sacred Sexuality Teacher, a Yoga & Dance Teacher, a Burlesque Dancer and a Mother of two basically, I am a Sensualist - love, truth, beauty, freedom.

What lead to your soul path ?

What I love most of all is empowering other women. I wasn’t always connected to my sensual nature. Well, I was as a child, but as I grew, I learned along the way that what was important in society was this thing called ‘success’. In school I was told that that meant being ‘smart’ so I was ‘smart’. I then continued with this theme of being smart and went to University to study ‘Information Management with a major in Law’, still being smart I went to work for a law firm and then the Attorney General’s department for a further 5 years ok, on paper this all looks very good.

But where was my sensual nature, where was my connection to my body, to my senses, to my sensuality? Non-existent.

What did that disconnection look like? Sitting in a cubical all day working on something that meant absolutely nothing to me, over eating, binge drinking, no energy, what was the point?



What turned your life towards your soul path?

One day I asked myself, ‘Kelly, when was the last time that you danced? as a child you always loved to dance, maybe you should dance?’


 This combined with meditation, finding yoga, burlesque and then deep diving into the world of Sacred Sexuality by studying everything I could, attending every training I could, including travelling to the USA to study. All of this bought me back to my true nature.. who I truly am here to be. One of my favourite quotes is a quote by Neale Donald Walsch that says, ‘What you wish for yourself, give to another’. And so, teaching Yoga, Dance, Sacred Sexuality and Embodiment practices to other women is my number one pleasure.

 How did you connect with PurePod?

I was introduced to Kelli’s brand Pure Pod by a friend one day when I admired her jacket. She told me all about PurePod.

What do you love about their clothing?

I love the ethos about Pure Pod. Mother Earth really has given enough right now and we need to slow down. I love that Pure Pod is all ethically sourced and sustainable fashion.



How do you see the similar values between your business and Pure Pod ?

I think the similar vales are just making the world a better place. The more that people buy sustainable fashion the better for the planet and the more women wake up to their own sovereign power the better for the planet.

What’s your best sustainable tip when it comes to clothing and living?

Choose where your clothing comes from buy ethical and sustainable or second hand and just express yourself you are here to be the truest expression of the most magnificent version of you that you can possibly imagine. Be her!


You can find out more about all I do at

You can follow us on Facebook @ Sacred Union Embodiment or Insta @ Sacred Union Embodiment

If you want to do Sacred Sexuality Level 1 with me, you can do this starting right now, by signing up on this page

If you sign up in the next 7 days from reading this article and you use the code ‘purepod’ you will receive a 15% discount. I want to share the love.

 Photographer Bec Fassone

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