NATIVE POLLEN - Media release


A unique and eco-friendly fashion line will be unveiled in Canberra this weekend by local ethical fashion designer, Kelli Donovan.


The Pure Pod “Native Pollen” 18/19 summer collection has a bee theme and uses textiles that are pollinator friendly, such as organic cotton and linen.

Ms Donovan was recently named “Best Ethical Fashion Company—Asia Pacific & Leading Provider of Fairtrade Cotton Apparel 2018—Australia” by Lux Magazine.


Ms Donovan is a strong believer in the need to reduce the amount of clothes we buy and to look for more environmentally friendly clothing options.


“We all own too many clothes and sadly the clothes we do own will not be kind to our environment once they hit landfill.


“I’m striving to create a cleaner fashion industry, protect the people working in it and ignite our passion for creative ethical design by providing the community with beautiful products that have a strong identity and story behind them.”


However, this new collection is about more than just eco-fashion. It has a strong link to bees and native pollinators and, as such, the launch coincides with Pollinator Week.  


“Commercial textile farming techniques, with the use of pesticides and chemicals, directly impact native pollinators, bees, farmers, water ways and the environment. At Pure Pod we choose organic cotton for our collections, for a number of sustainability reasons including, protecting the bees.” 


During the launch event, Ms Donovan will be joined by some inspirational guest speakers, who will discuss the direct relationship with growing fibres and looking after the environment and their effect on pollinators in the supply chain of clothing.

Guest speakers include:

  • Summer Edwards—Founder, Tortoise and Lady Grey; slow fashion advocate; sustainable style and founder of Lead Mumma; and lead and author of '6 Steps to a Sustainable wardrobe'
  • Jen Hulme—Environmental Policy Officer and Creative Illustrator of native species and flora and fauna
  • Julie Armstrong—Founder, ACT for Bees

Media contacts:
Kelli Donovan      0410407458 or
Dinah Bryant        0414549460 or

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