AN INSPIRING MOMENT with Alison Plevey

'Move to Zero' with Alison Plevey, Director of the Australian Dance Party.

Collaboration is key to success when communicating a message. As the saying goes, ‘two brains are better than one’.

On the sustainability front I like to work with like-minded souls…people who share my passion for people and planet and are using that passion to drive positive change.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Alison Plevey from the Australian Dance Party.

On a gorgeous Autumn day in Canberra, I invited Alison to model and be photographed in some of my recent designs, which are now available via my online shop. It was beautiful to watch Alison pirouetting in the fallen leaves wearing 100% ethical and organic clothing from my Pure Pod studio.

I chose to collaborate with Alison for this photo shoot as she understands the importance of sustainable fashion. I wanted my latest designs to be released with meaning and purpose. I couldn’t think of anyone better to wear them than Alison.

Our passion on the sustainability front is a shared one.

I’ve taken a keen interest in the work of this amazing dance director, local organisation and their inspiring mission to communicate environmental issues through dance.

ADP engages contemporary dance artists who create emotive and engaging routines that connect with the heart of current societal issues like environmental sustainability.

These brilliant dance artists don’t just dance, they engage with decision makers, policy makers and community to gain a deeper understanding of an issue and guide their choreography. The finished products are designed to make a connection with the audience and drive change.

 Alison’s team at ADP created a piece titled Seamless. It was performed in 2017 and again in 2019. Seamless draws attention to the scale, momentum and unsustainability of the fast fashion problem. In this piece the catwalk became a lens to explore human psychology, behaviour and societal systems that drive the fast fashion industry.

ADP has also created pieces for a movement called Move to Zero, bringing the need for carbon reduction into the public eye. Alison and the team are now engaging with the community, collecting information for Move to Zero 2.0. With a strong belief that we can all be agents for change, ADP is working with the science community, arts organisations, business and the ACT Government, to create interactive video campaigns motivating us all to make moves to zero.

Illustration by Whitewood Collective

In addition, ADP reaches out to school children as well through its work called Escape from Plastika. Set in the Playground of local schools, dancers take students on an adventure exploring the problem of plastic.

There is pure joy in everything that ADP produces. These amazing dancers, through the power of the body, are agentfor change.

This is a beautiful example of how we can use our passion to ignite our creativity, to communicate broadly and be change makers.

I look forward to working with Alison in the future—albeit backstage, I’ll leave the dancing to Alison—and being part of a positive movement that educates and drives positive change for a sustainable future.

The gorgeous pictures you see on this page of Alison were taken by the amazing Bec Fassone from Bad Cat Photography. These pieces in my Pure Pod collection are available from my online shop. 

Watch and listen to our video from our modelling shoot with Alison and hear what she has to say about promoting sustainability through dance and her collaboration with us at Pure Pod. 



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