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Welcome back to our new Pure Pod site and a huge thank you for waiting for us to return for so LONG! We've been busy reorganising our whole business, supply chain, stockists and web site.

This will be our fourth web site in the last 9 years and it really feels like a long journey of discovery, creative adventures, stressful times, happy crazy times, nail biting and lots of learning along the way! Every emotion you can think of!

I wanted to share a little of our journey with you as next year is our 10th year anniversary! We can't believe it but looking over our old photos and what we have achieved it really sinks in how much we have experienced along the way and what we have achieved. We thank you for your support and following us with interest and wearing our beautiful clothes!

Thanks to all the people who have helped us along the way and those who are in these images, took them or helped to make them look amazing and those behind the scenes that have helped doing lots of things from tying swing tickets,pressing, cutting, packing orders, ringing stockists and customers, chasing money and all the other fun stuff!

We will still be tweaking our site over the coming months so please watch closely and see our new adventures unfold !


With love the Pure Pod crew xxx


Launch - jumping into the abyss - 2006 - 2007


Finding our path -  2008


Pioneering our place -  2009


Standing tall -  2010


Beating the odds -  2011

Changing directions -  2012

Setting the ethical  - 2013

Growing up -  2014

 Finding the abyss 2015

Re-evaluating  the path 2016




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