Ethically and sustainably made uniforms by Pure Pod

Ethically and sustainably made uniforms—reduce your environmental footprint and increase the social conscious ethos of your business

Written by - Dinah Bryant - from SIC &

Kelli Donovan - Pure Pod 

I’ve been blessed in this life to work with some amazingly talented people, who both personally and professionally want to drive change when it comes to sustainability.

With a world that is hurting at the moment it’s an opportune time to reflect on what we can do to support and nurture our planet moving forward. This is a fire that was ignited in me many, many years ago, and which continues to burn strongly.

When I find like-minded souls—with a passion for people and planet—who I can collaborate with, I genuinely feel a sense of pride and that I’m making a difference.

Enter my colleague and sustainability sister, Bianca Prichard, Managing Director of Jindii Eco Spa, at the Australian National Botanic Gardens in Canberra.

We were recently honoured to have Bianca approach us to design new uniforms for staff at the spa…and we didn’t hesitate in taking on the job.

Bianca is driven by a sense of responsibility and respect to environmental issues and sustainability. We share a very similar ethos—that is, protecting our planet and our people through our passions. We have both designed our businesses with sustainability at the forefront.

Bianca was forced to close Jindii Eco Spa earlier in the year due to COVID-19 restrictions, but she reopened to her loyal clients last week. We gathered to take photos of staff in their new uniforms; I’m proud to say they looked amazing.

The team sported new Hemp and organic cotton linen blended Awaken jackets. These jackets were beautifully trimmed with an Australian native printed design by textile artist Fiona Budzynski, from 4 Leaf Clover, and finished with the Jindii Eco Spa embroidered branding on the chest. We added to this versatile and GOTS Certified, Turkish organic denim aprons that are trimmed with the Australian native flora print on the pockets and Jindii Spa embroidered branding.

The team looked fresh and sleek.

Images Courtesy: Bad_Cat_Photography – Bec Fassone -


The natural fibres we specifically chose for Jindii Eco Spa were:

Aprons—GOTS Certified organic cotton denim

This is biodegradable denim made from a natural fibre that will biodegrade in up to five months.

Awaken jacket—Hemp, organic cotton linen blend

Hemp fibre does not require heavy processing in the manufacturing of the textile and comes from a natural fibre so it is highly biodegradable. The organic cotton and linen will biodegrade between 2–5 months.

For this project it was all about finding a beautiful sustainable fabric and to make garments that not only looked gorgeous, but stood out in the crowd! Working in a spa environment the team also require a uniform that will withstand wear and is comfortable for the range of work undertaken.

Durability and comfort is provided through the sustainable and GOTS Certified organic fabric. Natural fibres are more sustainably produced in the farming of the fibre and have a lower impact environmentally in the production of the textiles. The textiles are produced in businesses with better social impact standards for the workers. Most of garments are produced locally in Canberra with our local staff and tailor.


Natural fibres in clothing allow fabrics to breathe, reducing the risk of skin rashes and allergic reactions from synthetic and toxic production and dying industry processes. Our organic and natural textiles do not have harsh heavy minerals, toxic and harsh chemicals.

These important elements in our collections can improve the health and well-being of the whole production chain, that is, from the fibre farmer, to pesticide-free farming practices, to the makers handling the cloth, to the textile manufacturing in dying and making the fabrics, through to the wearer and biodegradability of the garment at its end of life.

It was important that the Jindii Eco Spa uniforms encompass the cradle to grave ethos.

Bianca has since told me that staff members have said the new uniforms are so comfortable they’re like ‘wearing pyjamas’.

It’s our great hope that more local businesses will follow in the footsteps of Jindii Eco Spa when they next need new uniforms…and Pure Pod is here to assist anyone who wants to go down a more eco-friendly uniform path.

Creating beautiful and sustainable uniforms is an investment in your business sustainability plan and a proactive step towards reducing the environmental footprint of your business.

As a local business I know that cost is always a factor. Organic fabric can cost a little more due to the quantity required, the time frame it’s required in and where it’s made. When ordering uniforms; consider the quality of the garment. If garments are poorly produced using cheap fabrics they will not withstand washing and will cost your business more in the long run.

We strongly believe more businesses than ever want to be part of the solution, they want to play an active role in a circular economy and they want to be more sustainable in their operations.

Hence, the investment in sustainable uniforms is not just a financial one. It’s one that supports sustainability, reduces polluting fabrics in landfill, and supports local business, local makers and the sustainable slow fashion industry.

As an ethical clothing advocate we use many different makers and suppliers locally and internationally. We always keep in mind our main ethics by using GOTS Certified, Fairtrade and Fair wear ethics in our manufacturing processes.

When you purchase from Pure Pod,

you know that you’re purchasing a garment to create positive change for

people, planet & passion.






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